The energy your company needs

Whether you are self-employed or an SME, an individual, or a legal entity, we have a solution for you. Your company will also benefit from all the advantages of energy self-consumption, opting for economical, clean, and sustainable energy.

Design your project in 1 minute

Sustainability and competitiveness hand in hand

Take your business to the next level. Maximum savings and sustainability together.


We apply for and process everything necessary for grants, and subsidies.


Forget about rising electricity prices and reduce your electricity bill.


Control your production and monitor your installation at all times.


Get certifications and comply with ecological footprint regulations.

Ralarsa: from conventional energy to renewable energy

Taking a further step in its commitment to sustainability, we installed 150 solar panels on a surface area of 333.3m2 at Ralarsa’s headquarters, which will help avoid 42,338 kg of CO2 emissions per year and generate a return on energy consumption of 21.12%. Having improved their sustainability and reduced their carbon footprint


To obtain financing for the installation of solar panels with Solarmente for your company, we require an economic analysis of the company, for which we need certain documentation such as CIF, DNI of the proxy, proof of bank accounts, among others. This financing is done through our commercial partner BBVA, which offers the best rates in the market.

Every business and home is different. To determine how many solar panels your business needs, consider the following questions:

How much power do I need? Check your electricity bills to see how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you use during the year. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll go over this in detail with you, during our call to determine how much power your panels will need to produce.

What is your weather like? The amount of panels you need depends on the amount of sun that reaches your location.

How much direct sun hits your roof? Shading, the direction your roof faces, and any aesthetic preferences you have can affect how big your system should be.

Historical electricity consumption allows us to design a custom solar system that is sized appropriately for your business.

Electricity consumption varies from home and/or business to home, and from season to season. That’s why we request a full year of your electricity bills so we can build an appropriate system.

The Solar Expert assigned to you is trained to review a year’s worth of usage data so we can get a complete picture. Energy usage can change seasonally, so we analyze 12 months of data to better understand your property’s usage patterns and needs.

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