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Virtual Battery and Community

Choose what to do with the surplus energy you generate: offset your bill or send it to your second home, business, friends, etc.

Different options for different needs

We have different procurement options to suit you.


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Your installation in 4 simple steps

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Calculate your quote

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We perform the technical visit

We will schedule a technical visit to examine the feasibility of the project.


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Jeroen Van Der Wekken
Jeroen Van Der Wekken
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También elegimos Solarmente. Resultó ser 10 paneles solares. Una vez realizados todos los trámites, utilizaremos la batería virtual. Buenas sensaciones en Solarmente desde el primer momento. Y no tuvieron problemas para volver a pegar algunas tejas. Perfecto y tiene buena pinta
Peter den Boogert
Peter den Boogert
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El equipo de Santiago en tres palabras: Excelente Profesionales, Experiencia y Motivación. Acaban de realizar una ampliación de placas solares en mi vivienda y el trabajo realizado ha sido excelente, limpio y a tiempo. ¡Todo un acierto!
Gilles Laconte
Gilles Laconte
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La experiencia con el equipo de SolarMente ha sido rápida, concisa, pero sobre todo solidaria de la A a la Z. Al explorar Solar, su equipo tiene los conocimientos correctos para ayudarle a tomar una decisión satisfactoria.

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Photovoltaic energy is emerging as a solid alternative to large electricity companies. The installation of solar panels offers clear benefits, including savings of up to 70% on electricity bills, driving many families towards solar self-consumption in our country. It also provides energy independence, increases the value of the property, contributes to combating climate change, and offers access to various grants and subsidies.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic process. Solar cells absorb sunlight to generate electricity, then an inverter converts this current into usable form for the home.

The care of solar panels is simple and minimal, we can usually take care of them ourselves. They are built to withstand weather conditions and usually only need occasional cleaning and checks to ensure they are working properly and to prevent damage.

Solar panels usually require little maintenance thanks to their glass cover, which tends to keep them clean. Occasionally, if dirt such as leaves or debris accumulates, a gentle wash with water from a hose or using a soft sponge or brush is sufficient. Regular observation is key to identifying build-up that may affect its efficiency. In general, the protective coating on the panels allows rain and sun to keep them clean, minimizing the need for frequent cleaning.

These are the different subsidies and allowances that you can benefit from Partial or full reimbursement of the Tax on Construction, Installations, and Works (ICIO). Discount for the Real Estate Tax (IBI). Income tax deductions (IRPF). Regional or local subsidies. Aid for self-consumption: Next Generation Funds.

Everything you need to know about solar energy

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