Everything you need to keep your system tuned

Elevate your solar experience with our specialized services and rely on our expertise to take solar energy to new levels of efficiency and durability.


Prevention as the key to success

Our maintenance service will allow you to keep your installation in the best conditions to get maximum performance and durability. We will check, update, and clean your system to guarantee optimum performance and prevent obstructions, as well as offer you personalized advice for queries, needs, and inverter performance with a commitment to reply in less than 48 hours. All for €190 /year (VAT included)


We protect your installation for your peace of mind

We cannot control external factors, so when you take out our insurance, you will have the support of our technical team to provide you with assistance and solutions to any problems you may have with your system throughout its useful life, keeping your system in optimum condition and guaranteeing its performance.

Electric supply

Transparent prices. No cost overruns

Our variable electricity tariff provides you with energy at OMIE prices, that is, at the market price that only the large electricity suppliers can access. That is why you are getting a fair tariff, with no cost overruns and the most competitive price on the market.

We also offer you our Solar Piggybank, in which you can store your surplus for up to one year and even use it to compensate for a second home. Your surplus is paid at the current market value, not at a fixed value, which is why your final compensation will be higher. We have done this so that we can bring your bill to 0 euros!

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