Everything you need for 100% sustainable living

From state-of-the-art solar panels to storage systems and smart technology, our offer provides efficient and sustainable solutions. Power your life with excellence in solar energy.


Store and use your energy when you need it

The complete and autonomous renewable energy solution for homes. It allows you to store surplus solar energy for use at times of lower generation, ensuring greater independence from the grid and long-term savings in energy costs. It is easy to install and use, and by adopting it, you will be actively contributing to the care of the environment.

Virtual battery

Maximize your surplus

Reduce your electricity bill by using surplus energy. Offsets 100% of your surplus, eliminating the fixed part of your bill. Compatible with physical batteries: Use your surplus even if your physical batteries are full.

Electric Charger

Charge your car more conveniently

Connect the charger to your solar panels and make the most of your energy. With a simple installation and sophisticated design, take advantage of the hours when electricity is cheapest, schedule your charging, and save money while you sleep.

Aerothermia System

High efficiency and saving capacity

Three products in one installation: heating in winter, cooling in summer, and hot water all year round. With simple maintenance and easy installation, you will avoid having a lot of different appliances and the maintenance of each one of them. With savings of between 55% and 75%, these systems are more environmentally friendly, as they require very little electricity and generate no direct emissions.

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