Welcome Linda
Relax and check the status of your installation while we are getting everything ready.

Technical expert
Technical visit scheduled

An expert technician will check the condition of your roof and to trace where the wires will run to ease your installation.

Date of the visit:


7 days
Operations team
Building permit requested

We will work alongside your local council to get your installation done according to their regulations. To be 100% ready, we will also order and deliver the panels, the inverter, the mounting structure and more.

10 to 30 days
Agreed installation date

We will coordinate with you to find a couple of days in which our installers can go to your house and install the system.

1 - 3 days
Operation team
System connected and operational

We will install your solar panels and the mounting on the roof, and we will connect your inverter to your home. We will connect your system to its platform, and we will make sure it works perfectly.

1 - 3 days
Technical expert
Legalization documents

Once your local council contacts us with your legalization documents, you will be able to get compensation for your energy surplus.

20 - 60 days
Notes from the SolarMente team